Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Guide

We extend our sincere greetings and kindest regards as we usher you into the new academic year, hoping that it will be a fruitful successful year.

DAS started preparing the measures of distance learning earlier this year according to the directions of the ministry of education which stated that distance learning measures will be taken during the first seven week of the semester, this was one of the possibilities that we expected. Therefore, we are delighted to share with you all what we have done to prepare for this period:

  • We intensified the training of teachers and educational leaders on distance learning approaches as well as learning skills in virtual classes since COVID19 broke out and during the month of August, according to the recommendations that were made by international experts like Dr. John Harris and other international educational establishments.
  • We reinforced the IT department at our schools to make it able to provide all the technical support that is needed by parents, students and all schools staff.
  • We certified a unified distance learning platform that will be (Microsoft teams), through which all the virtual educational and administrative  training will take a place.
  • We designed a plan to train students on how to use the certified platform and how to benefit from all the available resources of distance learning.
  • We designed another plan to train parents and guardians on how to help and support their children to fulfil the purpose of distance learning for different ages, through the certified platform.
  • Virtual School schedules for both teachers and students are almost similar to the regular school schedules (numbers of classes, breaks between each class), except for clubs classes for 3rd Grade and above.
  • Each class of the same grade will study with their own teachers separately. We have appointed times for students to come to school in order to receive the books/booklets that are needed in the distance learning.
  • We have appointed times for Synchronous learning and asynchronous learning within our schedules.
  • We came up with a complete plan for KG Grades to 2nd Grade that suits each age group.
  • We prepared new educational materials for (ARABIC) in the Elementary Level for Synchronous learning through Century Tech platform that depends on Artificial Intelligence.
  • We made sure during the training period that tasks and homework that are required from our students are appropriate and aligned with what have been presented in distance learning classes, we made a plan for scheduling tasks and assignments accordingly.