Performance Tasks and Virtual Learning

from April 19 ,2020 to May 12 ,2020
As the students of Dhahran Ahliyya Schools (DAS) step into their 6th week of virtual learning, we continue to work closely in strong partnership with students and parents to make the virtual learning experience at DAS a fruitful and memorable one. We have been working with students every day to complete the curriculum, whilst we are very much focusing on providing our students with the key knowledge and skills to prepare them well for the next school year.
In the upcoming weeks, students will be taking Performance Tasks to evaluate their learning. These tasks will come in the form of assignments or projects like writing a paper, creating a video, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, and others. Although the performance tasks will require some sort of preparation, it is meant not to require the kind of studying expected when preparing for traditional exams. In addition, it will be ensured that there are no inconsistencies in the tasks that will be given to students in different subjects, and that the given duration will be sufficient to complete the task.
The schedule of performance tasks will be effective Sunday April 19, 2020 to Thursday April 30, 2020, knowing that virtual learning will continue for the rest of the academic year as follows:
1-Elementary School:
Performance Tasks will be embedded within learning, and teachers will communicate with all students via official communications channels.
2-Middle and High Schools:
Schedule of Performance Tasks is posted on the link; in addition to the virtual learning schedule for the remaining of the academic year.
3-Grades 10, 11 and 12 Muqarrarat:
Schedule of sessions is posted on the link. Some subjects will undertake Performance Tasks, while the schedule of the rest of subjects will be announced later on.